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The First Fleet
Welcomes You

Doing Business the Right Way


Who We Are

Owned and operated by Captain Troy Gale, The First Fleet is built on a foundation of extensive local experience and years of addressing the needs of boat owners. Our client relationships, established and nurtured over time, are defined by trust and transparency.

We adopt our clients' expectations and intentions as our own, ensuring a seamless and satisfying boat ownership experience from start to finish. Our success is rooted in delivering the highest level of attentiveness to our projects, employing an educated approach to guarantee quality outcomes.

What We Do

Imagine owning a yacht without any of the hassles and headaches. Our turnkey service ensures every need is seamlessly met. Through our monthly maintenance program, you'll benefit from expert care that provides simple and affordable solutions, guaranteeing your yacht's quality and reliability.

We offer setup and close-down services, so your yacht is always ready for you to step aboard and entertain. Our comprehensive service packages meticulously maintain every aspect of your vessel. When you need captain and crew services, our skilled and experienced team is ready to assist, ensuring a flawless yachting experience.

Boat Cleaner

Our Services



Embark on worry-free boat ownership with our tailored monthly maintenance plans. Our meticulous approach includes a comprehensive checklist for your boat every month, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. Detailed reports accompany our seamless service, reflecting our commitment to meeting your unique requests. Your records and recurring service dates receive our unwavering attention, guaranteeing nothing is overlooked. Experience simplicity in billing with one easy-to-pay invoice each month. Enjoy the convenience of a singular point of contact overseeing all services. Elevate your boating experience with us.


Captain Instruction

Unlock the skills to navigate your boat with confidence! Let our US Coast Guard licensed captain guide you through the intricacies of seamless maneuvering, transforming you into the skipper you've always aspired to be. Our mission is to offer immersive and effective instructional programs, designed for individuals eager to master the art of yacht handling. Our structured curriculum, coupled with hands-on training and expert guidance, ensures participants gain the expertise and knowledge essential for safe and skillful cruising and docking. Elevate your boating proficiency with our comprehensive learning experience.


Yacht Sales

Ready to part ways with 'The love of your life'? Entrust us with the entire process to secure the optimal value for your sale. Our representative, trained and licensed through the esteemed Shoreline Yacht Group, renowned for their trusted and local presence, employs cutting-edge marketing techniques to maximize your yacht's exposure. If your vessel has been under our meticulous maintenance program, we are uniquely positioned to represent you, possessing an intimate knowledge of your boat inside and out. Choosing us as your buying agent also kickstarts a seamless yacht ownership journey, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from the start. Let us navigate the sale and acquisition process for you.

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